Staying Safe and Compliant With Annual Height Safety Inspections and Certifications

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If you run a business in which employees or contractors might be exposed to fall hazards, it’s vital that your height safety system is in a safe working condition; through safety inspections and certifications.

This isn’t just for the integrity of your building or company – it is also part of the Australian law to ensure such systems are regularly inspected, maintained, and certified.

Let’s break down the basics behind height safety certifications and inspections, and why they are so vital for height safety systems to operate properly.


What are height safety inspections and certifications?

Height safety inspections and certifications involves conducting regular inspections of height safety equipment, roof access, fall prevention and fall arrest systems.

These annual inspections are done to ensure that a building’s roof is in a safe condition for maintenance works or any other works to be done. And all our games accept promotions meaning there are a whole bunch of things that you can do to get your winnings.

Regular inspections are key to ensuring that the overall design and installation of the system complies with the Australian Standards.


Are these height safety inspections and certifications necessary?

Inspections and certifications of Height Safety Systems not only necessary, but they are required by Australian law to ensure that the system is compliant with the Australian legal standards.

If you are interested in the specifics of this legal requirement, you can reference the full details on maintenance and inspection from the requirements for the inspection of equipment are summarised in the AS/NZS1891.4 Standard.


What will a certified height safety system help me with?

When it comes times for your inspections, a professional height safety inspector will take note of your anchor points, access points, guardrails, static lines, ladders, and everything else involved in your system.

Not only will getting certified keep your business compliant with the law, but it will also ensure that your building is safe for workers and all to use.


What else should I be doing to maintain a building’s height safety system?

The best way to ensure your height safety system is in its best form is to keep records of your maintenance and inspection history for every component within your roof safety system. This makes it much easier to schedule regular maintenance and have a fair idea of the condition of your system.

Just as well, record keeping can help you keep tabs on the lifespan of your equipment.


What if my building does not have a roof access system?

All permanent fall protection and height safety systems are subject to an inspection once per year. These inspections and certifications must be performed by an experienced and licensed professional that can pinpoint all legislative compliance requirements and standards.

If your building does not have an existing height safety system, check out the importance and why you must have one.

The absence of a roof safety system or roof safety anchors does not mean that you do not require an inspection or certification. Fall protection systems vary significantly and contain a number of different components, all of which are dependent on access requirements and how the building was designed.

Regardless of the kind of fall protection system you have in place, you will still need an inspection on a yearly basis.

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