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How We Started

We are problem solvers at Skypro Height Safety, expert at working at heights. We started trading in 2014. But in reality it was started many years earlier in the minds of a couple of rope access and height safety technicians who saw a gap in the market – for a line of Australian made anchor points that were a little more robust.

Ultimately we wanted to give fellow technicians the perfect equipment that was made by height safety technicians for height safety technicians.

Skypro was originally going to be the new brand for our rope access trade division – representing – professionals who are experienced at working at heights.  It got put on the back burner for a while until the owners of Alltech Industrial Abseilers and Alltech Coatings were looking for a name for their new height safety manufacturing company and it just fit.

When the company started we had just two anchor point designs for tin roof applications purely for in- houses uses and for our own projects…

Later on, other companies showed interest in our locally manufactured products. They liked the fact that they were Australian made from quality 316 stainless steel. From there things just took off.

Skypro Height Safety Team
How We Grew

The turning point in terms of becoming a supplier in the marketplace came when we as a company were considering ways to broaden its horizons geographically. We decided the best way to improve and grow would be to train up companies in parallel industries such as roofing and help them profit from the industry.

The company values its partners as they are the lifeblood of the business.

It’s important for us to be there for our partners and help them with any aspect of their installation business and height safety needs that they might be challenged with. Whether it might be rope access systems or fall arrest systems, our knowledge and expertise never fail to disappoint.

The team at Skypro Height Safety are problem solvers. This led to the establishment of Alltech Group QLD and its sister companies,  all positioned to take care of all our client’s height safety requirements: Alltech Coatings and Alltech Abseilers 

Ultimately if customers have confidence that the systems we are designing and installing are compliant and well suited to their needs, then we are going to have a healthy business, which has the added bonus for Skypro maintaining its strength as a supplier.

Our Core Values
height safety technician and his tools


height safety specialists accessing the structure of a roof through its height safety system


a tradesman giving a thumbs up on a roof of a residential build

Considerate Support

a height safety technician attached to the roof safety system conducting maintenance on the building's exterior


a tradesman overlooking a construction site


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Whether you are a business hoping to become a partner or a high access technician needing the best height safety Australian equipment on the market – we strive to meet your needs proactively.

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